I’m proud to have worked with amazing people from:

I’m proud to have worked with amazing people from:

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You weren’t born to follow – and you CAN grow to be a leader

— get credit for your ideas. Say goodbye to not speaking up in meetings when no one knows you thought of it first.
— speak up when others speak down to you. Say goodbye to you losing a little more confidence, each time that happens.
— work out your best next steps. Say goodbye to kicking yourself for getting in your own way… again.

I’ve got your back.

The best leaders think differently. And that kind of thinking is the best career insurance there is.

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Few executive coaches have a PhD in emotions and relationships at work, are endorsed as both a counselling and organisational psychologist, and have line management experience too. It’s a very handy (and unusual) combination for helping you improve your leadership.


You’ll find me in the Melbourne CBD. I’ve been there since 2001. But thanks to phone lines and Skype, while I’m in Australia, you could be just about anywhere!

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