Sure, you can tell yourself your leadership is fine.

...while your team ignores, undermines or opposes you.

...while your boss looks after others and doesn't support you.

...while you watch others get ahead, even those less experienced than you.

Or, you can improve your leadership because…
going nowhere is not an option for someone like you.



A 4-week course to learn, reflect and plan what's next––
––with coaching and accountability to build your leadership edge


Want to make more of a difference?

You could spend stressful days and sleepless nights wondering how to increase your influence.

You could spend years below your potential.

Say no to playing small and yes to raising your profile and presence.

Don't know your best next step?

You've done well but you know you can’t rest on your laurels.

What must you do to stay ahead of the game?

Say no to those wrong moves and yes to your best next step.


I have improved my relationship with my team, built leadership skills and passed them on to my team, and gained more insights to myself. Thank you Michelle for all your attention, love, and care that you put into helping me succeed.

Administrator, Government

- is your Solution.

The not-knowing, second-guessing, winging your next level leadership - SOLVED.

The sleazy, slimy self-promotion to get ahead - SOLVED.

The frustration of the never-ending, aimless, wandering around - SOLVED.

The loneliness…because there’s no-one you can really talk to - SOLVED.

The despair thinking that your career funk is permanent - SOLVED.

Work is fun and you have more impact–
–when you're confident in your leadership.

Yes you can boss better even if you believe you should know it already. Sometimes, all it takes is a helping hand to learn what most don't teach.


Michelle is amazing - a coach for the real world offering both clinal and practical support to help anyone achieve their career goals - very happy with the results!

Director, Media

Your Step-by-Step Plan:

Week #1
Know Yourself

Being a great leader helps set you up for a great career. You make a positive difference to more people. You have more influence. You increase your impact. People trust you. They want to work with you and for you. It feels great. So how do you do it?

As Bill George, Harvard Business Professor, former Medtronic CEO and author of the best selling book True North said: “…the essence of leadership comes from not from having pre-defined characteristics. Rather, it comes from knowing yourself “.

That’s why we start with you. With your leadership mindset and how to build the confidence and courage to be the leader you want to show up as.

OUTCOME: Set your leadership mindset, assess where you are now and start your plan.

Week #2
Grow Yourself

If you don’t keep moving forward you’ll be left behind. You’ve got to give it your best shot.

While it may be true that there's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone, it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You’ll have support and accountability to keep you on track.

And if you don’t know where you’re going or what's best to focus on next? We’ve got that covered too.

OUTCOME: Develop your best strategy, identify the skills to build and start to power up your powerbase.

Week #3
Know Others

Organisations are relational. We don’t do anything alone. We work with, through and for others. And that’s to say nothing of the emotional undercurrents that are always just beneath the surface, so keenly felt and so rarely discussed. Because just how are you supposed to do that and have it turn out well? That’s where we go.

Being able read people, talk and get along with others is not negotiable if you want to boss better.

And the more senior you get, the more critical these skills become. It takes empathy, it takes listening for understanding. It takes reading people and situations and then handling them with strategic intent along with great skill and care.

OUTCOME: Build meaningful connections, grow your empathy, understand emotional needs at work and how to manage them.

Week #4
Make a Difference

Nothing beats the joy of making a positive difference to other people's careers. But not at the expense of your own. If you want to boss better, then you must learn to fully step up into and embrace your own authority. It's not that easy. Most of us give away more than we need much have you?

Don’t expect your good work to be enough to get you noticed. It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t mean you have to turn into a slimy, sleaze ball either.

There are smarter ways to make a difference to others, your organisation and yourself.

OUTCOME: Manage up, grow your authority and influence, and watch your confidence and career soar.


BOSS BETTER your Permission Slip.

Permission to plug into the brain of someone who understands the world of work, has been in the trenches, hired and fired, has a PhD in organisational psychology, drifted for years, worked it out and is willing to share her secrets…GRANTED!

Permission to get people on board and on side...GRANTED!

Permission to accept that plum assignment, that promotion and that pay rise…GRANTED!

Developed and Delivered by…

Dr Michelle Pizer

Michelle PizerI am Dr Michelle Pizer (pronounced Pie-zer).

For more than 30 years experience I've been helping people build their careers and bring their best self to work – from the early days in HR at National Mutual, to consulting at EY, and leading people and departments at Roy Morgan Research and Museum Victoria.

Combine that with a PhD in organisational psychology and running my own business as an organisational and counselling psychologist, and executive coach since the late 90s…it’s an unusual combination, and a pretty handy one. The personal always impacts the professional, and it’s all part of being able to boss better!


Michelle is an outstanding coach. She has been very responsive and professional and is well qualified in her field. Places are limited so sometimes you need to wait. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share in group sessions or one on one. Great to work with if you want to take things to the next level.

CEO, Professional Association


For 4-weeks I’ll be your coach – commencing 25 July, 2017 through to 15 August, 2017.

Each Tuesday 7-8:30am (Melbourne time, Monday 5-6:30pm New York, Monday 10pm-11:30pm London).

4 Weekly Calls

There’ll be a focus on one topic each week where I introduce you to the key concepts to Boss Better. Plus there’ll be support materials where you can find out more and dig deeper.

You'll also have the opportunity to ask me your questions live, and to put your hand up for a deep dive into your leadership challenges on a hot seat each week.

Can’t make it to the call? Things happen. That’s why every call will be recorded and available for you to download and listen to at your convenience.

Weekly Action Sheets

There'll be action sheets each week to support you as you build the foundation to being a better boss. It takes reflection. It takes knowledge. It takes action.

I'll be with you each step of the way.

The Better Bosses Portal

The benefits of a live group program are…the group! The Better Bosses Portal will be your place to build networks, share your experiences and receive additional support and coaching in a private Facebook group. I’ll be in there daily to answer your questions and provide support too.

Great Location

Held wherever is convenient for you – home, the office, your favourite café or park. All you need is access to the internet. Even a phone line is optional.

Unparalleled Community

You’ll fit right in if you’re smart, ambitious and focussed. You want to get ahead, and so does everyone else! Can’t wait for you to join us.

Great leaders aren't born, they're bred.

Would you rather keep trying to figure out what you're missing on your own? OR would you rather use this step-by-step framework and extra support so that in 4 short weeks you begin to boss better?


Like you, this high potential client wanted to grow her leadership and her career
as HR Manager at a manufacturing firm.

Click the play button below to hear what she said...

The 4-Week Course

Classes start 25 July 2017

Early bird special until 12 July:

(Wednesday 12 July: 2pm Melbourne, Tuesday 11 July: midnight Eastern)

USD $347

(charged in USD, +GST for Australian residents)

Price will increase to USD $597 after 12 July.

Best be quick! Cart closes in...



Strategically designed to help you turn your leadership dreams into reality.

BONUS 1: Boss Up Your Career Plan Workbook

Your roadmap to creating your plan and bossing up your career.

  • Your best next steps to put your Career Plan into action
  • Where you will be best
  • The value you provide to others
  • Your vision for your career
  • Your values that guide you
  • The steps your career might take
  • Where you might be stuck and how to get unstuck

BONUS 2: The 360 Feedback Project

Conduct your own 360 and discover how others see you.

  • Close the gap on your blind spots
  • Fast, easy and surprisingly fun
  • Better information = smarter decisions

BONUS 3: Your Quarterly Career Planner Tracker

It's not set and forget. Review your progress, celebrate and reassess.

  • A one-sheet to keep you on track
  • SWOT yourself
  • Your quarterly record of where you've been and where you're now going

BONUS 4: Your Boss Better Booster Call

Imagine feeling good about your leadership, sharing good news with your boss and having a plan for getting ahead.

Personal, private and powerful.

  • Round out the course with a 1-to-1 coaching call with me
  • 50 strategic minutes focussed on you, your leadership and your career
  • Finish strong with a plan for your best next steps
Guarantee Box icon-style-24


I’m confident that if you do the work, you’ll derive great benefit from this experience. And I’m happy to back that up with my risk-free money back guarantee.

If you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, send me an email by 9 August 2017 for a swift and complete refund.

Please be sure to include in your email what didn’t work for you so I can learn and improve too.