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Are you a leader who:

  • Are you a leader who:
  • Feels you’re not being listened to.
  • Wonders how much you should keep tolerating.
  • Wants more influence, especially with your boss.
  • Fears you’ll stay stuck at the same level for too long.
  • Is beginning to doubt you have what it takes.
  • Feels you’re not being listened to.
  • Wonders how much you should keep tolerating.
  • Wants more influence, especially with your boss.
  • Fears you’ll stay stuck at the same level for too long.
  • Is beginning to doubt you have what it takes.

My time working with Michelle is without a doubt one of the most productive times in terms of personal growth and gaining insights and strategies for dealing with recurring challenges experienced in managing teams and working in a stressful, high-pressure environment.

Communication Director, Construction Industry


Leaders can no longer rely on the power of their position to get things done.
Times have changed.

Today it’s about inspiration, purpose, collaboration, and accountability.
But, as any leader will tell you, that’s easier said than done.

It’s why skilfully attuning to the people issues and mastering your human-centered skills is more important than ever.


  • Knowing what to look out for and pay attention to. The kind of awareness that takes working on your blind spots, biases, and assumptions.
  • Then learn how to listen, even to the most subtle of signals, and to ignore the noise.
  • Then learn how to make sense of what you notice.
  • Then discernment to decide what action to take and the courage to take it.
  • Then learn from the experience and do it all again.

Because every interaction matters and is an attunement opportunity.


The good news is that you can become more attuned—to yourself and the people around you.

As you do, you’ll begin to notice that you’re no longer leaving interactions wondering how you came to be blindsided or disappointed in yourself again. Rather, you’ll feel leadership clear and confident.

Instead of using your energy and brainpower to make sense of what just happened,
you can put it towards what’s next.


The Attuned Leadership Journey Map

Level 1: Unaware

You have no idea that there’s something that you would benefit from attending to. You may have received some feedback and dismissed it. Understandably if it’s in your blind spot. The key here is to be willing to be open. They just might be right.

Level 2: Inkling

You have a feeling something is going on, but you can’t put your finger on it. Is this a feeling you should be listening to? Start noticing every time you have the feeling. Are there any patterns?

Level 3: Curious

You’re seeing some patterns, but you don’t know what to make of them or what to do with them. From here, start generating some hypotheses that might explain why you’re seeing what you’re seeing.

Level 4: Experimenting

It’s time to start testing out your hypotheses, one by one. As you get more information, you’ll be able to tweak your actions for better results.

Level 5: Attuned

Now you know, you know. It’s a good feeling to be able to trust yourself in this way. To read situations and people and get to choose what to do when. But don’t rest on your laurels. People and contexts change. Never assume. Vigilance is key.


The Attuned Leadership Model

The Attuned Leadership Model - Listening


Attuned listening is active listening. It’s not just hearing the words; it's listening to understand. It’s about putting aside your own agenda and making yourself available for others in the moment. It’s a spine-tingling deliberate focusing of all your senses, a state of readiness that enhances your capacity to hear what’s being said, pick up on the non-verbal cues, and feel the emotional undercurrents in their context.

It’s extra challenging when you’re managing up or across and you want that kind of listening from them. Still, if you want your needs met, then you have to put yourself in their shoes, at least until they can see you understand.

The Attuned Leadership Model - Helping


Listening, even the best active listening without an authentic desire to help is insufficient for attunement. Helping means that, as a leader, you see it as one of your responsibilities to help your team members grow in ways that matter to them. It is their career, after all. More than that, you’ll want to believe in them and care about their success. It’s manipulation, not attunement, if you pretend to care.

It’s a little different when you’re managing up or across because the person you’re helping is you. Still, you have to genuinely want to improve your situation and be willing to do the work.

The Attuned Leadership Model - Closing the Gap


This is where you help them close the gap between where they are now and their career goals. You map out a pathway and the skills and experiences they need to get there. Then you provide opportunities so that they build those skills and experiences. You open doors for them.

If you think they’re overly ambitious and don’t believe they’ll get there, at least not under your leadership or at your workplace, have the decency to tell them with kindness and candour. Maybe they’re unrealistic for your workplace, but not for another. Maybe you can help them get at least some way there. The worst you can do is dismiss them as a lost cause and give up on them.

When you want to close your own gap, then your job is to be assertive and bring some possible solutions to the table.


Between listening and helping, there is validation. Even with attuned listening skills, unless people feel authentically validated by you, that is, valued, understood, and accepted just as they are, you won’t form a strong enough connection for them to let you help them. Do your eyes light up when you see them? Are you sure your acknowledgement is neither inauthentic nor over the top? That is, is it justified, fair, and equitable? Validation is a prerequisite for someone to feel psychologically safe with you.

If you’re managing up or across, it’s no different. We all need validation, so why not authentically validate your boss?



Action demonstrates attunement—you listen, you care, you want to help, and then you do. It’s how you help them close the gap. This may be by opening doors for people, such as by providing on-the-job opportunities, secondments, or formal training to build the missing skills and knowledge. It means encouraging their progress. It means having difficult conversations when required if someone isn’t cutting it yet. The trick is to facilitate a fit between the individual and organisation’s needs to ensure the work gets done.



You reap the benefits when you listen and close the gap. When someone knows you have their back, that their development matters to you, and that you don’t let your assumptions get in the way of what they want for themselves, then you’ll start to see them flourish.

When you’re managing up or across, you have to have your own back and believe in yourself. This means setting boundaries, carefully choosing what, how, and when you say things, and regulating your emotions well so they don’t see that they can get under your skin until they don’t.


In this program you will:

Learn how to listen to what's being said as much as what's not being said.
Increase your insight, self-awareness, and ability to regulate your emotions.
Gain clarity and confidence in managing tricky interpersonal situations.
Communicate with increased impact and influence.


Michelle Pizer is an outstanding coach. She has been very responsive and professional and is well-qualified in her field. Great to work with if you want to take things to the next level.

CEO, Industry Association

Michelle is amazing—a coach for the real world, offering both clinical and practical support to help anyone achieve their career goals. I'm very happy with the results.

Executive Director, Entertainment Business

I had a lot of things happen to me while I was working with Michelle. I moved from one company to another. She taught me how to approach it and how to work with different people.

Michelle’s approach to everything is comprehensive. People I know who have worked with her always say they got so much more out of their sessions than originally expected… Having Michelle as a coach is invaluable.

HR Director, Government

I’ve sat there before in work meetings feeling inadequate, thinking, ‘Everyone knows what they’re talking about except me’. And I’ve done a couple of management and leadership courses, but they’re very theoretical.

Michelle unpacks the issues in very simple ways. The course far exceeded what I was looking to get. The tools Michelle shares are just amazing, and it’s been so beneficial using them to move forward.

Senior Manager, Not-for-profit

The help with being a leader is one thing. Thinking about the way other people are acting and talking about it with you is another. It’s really helped me reflect daily on how I want to be, how I act, and how I'm seen. It's very useful. While you're talking about other people, you get direct insight into the way you're behaving and what you're doing.

Deputy Director, Health Care

I always knew that it was possible to change, but it was how quickly it happened that was the most surprising. And it just felt like a few tweaks here and there. My wife and business partner now look at each other and say: ‘Who is this guy?’ The guy who now has constructive conversations and keeps his cool despite the stress, and it’s flowing down to my team too. It’s been a huge success.

Business Owner, Hospitality

I have gained strategies for dealing with workplace challenges, stress, and anxiety. I have also learned about my own limits in terms of what I am willing to take and give (both career-wise and personally). My sessions with Michelle also made me more self-aware in recognising my feelings, thoughts, and shortfalls (i.e., my lack of boundaries and learning to say "no" more). I have gained more confidence in my skills and abilities, honed in on what I value and want from a workplace and career, and learned the importance of using better language to communicate issues and ideas. The key takeaway for me was challenging myself and my own thought process, and this is something I continue to work through. I will forever be grateful for Michelle's insights and advice. Thank you!!!

Office Manager, Management Consulting

Michelle taught me to be brave. For the first time, after working with Michelle, I felt like I could control the room—not just in meetings but everywhere. Once I opened my mouth, everyone stopped talking, and everyone paid attention to me.

Finance Director, Government


Michelle helps ambitious people improve their careers, personal lives, and workplaces with outstanding results. She combines her corporate background, successfully running departments and leading teams, with her work today as an executive coach and senior, PhD-level organisational and counselling psychologist.

She is a published author, has presented at local and international conferences, and has won several awards for her work on relationships and emotions at work.

Dr Michelle Pizer Leadership Expert

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