Attention High Potential Middle to Senior Level Managers...

Are You Looking To Advance Your Career? This Is How You "Get Noticed" And "Respected" By Your Manager, Your Peers and Your Team...

Know YOUR Best Next Steps To Take To...

Be the first person on the list for the next opportunity

"Manage up" so you get the support and autonomy you need to manage your team

Navigate the politics and gain a new level of respect and support from your peers

Feel confident and in control in leading and managing your staff, even through difficult situations

You don’t have to figure it out on your own.


The Boss Better Blueprint 4-Part Plan will help you get the skills you need to improve your leadership.

Do any of these sound like you?

• You read and learn constantly, yet you haven't worked out how to be more valuable to your organisation.

• You wonder if there’s a secret to effective leadership that you’ve missed out on because you can't work out why you're not making more of a difference.

• You feel aimless and disillusioned about your career growth and you're losing your edge.

• Your work relationships are missing the mark and it's making it very hard to get things done.

• Colleagues get promoted ahead of you, even though you’re more experienced than they are.

What if it didn't have to be this way?

You can get confident and get ahead at work.

You can reach your leadership potential and become more effective and influential.

You can get noticed for all the right reasons and become that person who gets tapped for promotions without even applying.


The Boss Better Course is ideal for you if...

You’ve done courses, seminars and professional development days.

You’ve learned a heap of theory about leadership, and maybe you’ve got the paperwork to prove it.

But you want to put all that learning to use in a practical way.

The other courses weren’t personal. No-one guided you through the theory and helped apply it to your own situation over time.

You’ve tried to do it on your own, but you keep getting stuck, or you aren’t getting enough traction.

You feel vulnerable about your leadership skills.

You need a safe space to get support. A space where you can get expert coaching and a fresh perspective. Where you can grow, improve and build your leadership confidence.

What if someone could show you HOW to make changes instead of just telling you it’s possible? You’d want to know, right?

Feel safe and supported while you’re guided by a practical, expert coach.

Introducing the Boss Better Course

A 4-week programme to help you grow, succeed and lead with confidence.

Case Study

Manager, Health Industry

*not her real name

I had no idea how much I’d been holding myself back.

Audrey is a manager and senior health care professional in a major hospital. She began a new role and was excited to bring her years of experience to lead a new team.

Unfortunately, Audrey’s new boss turned out to be a micromanaging nightmare. Her team constantly gossiped about it and several had raised complaints about the boss with HR.

Audrey needed strategies to deal with her situation. She was looking for ways to acknowledge her team’s concerns without jumping on the gossip bandwagon. And she needed to get her boss to trust her and stop micromanaging everyone! It was impacting her ability to do her job effectively.

Audrey worried she was being too dramatic about her work problems. She joined the Boss Better 4-Week Course to get perspective and advice on how to lead her team without buying into the negative culture.

Previously, Audrey sought her boss’s approval for almost every decision. After the course she came into her own. She’s grown bolder and more comfortable taking calculated risks at work. She’s stepped up and authorised herself to make changes like delegating tasks and altering staff rosters. She’s learned how to boss herself better!

The best thing for Audrey? After 4 short weeks her boss is supportive of her changed approach and her team are responding fantastically to her new, more confident leadership style.

Here's some of what she said when reflecting on her experience:

“The Boss Better Course gave me lots of new ideas, but also created opportunities for reflection, and the accountability of it was really helpful...  

I discovered there were lots of things that I didn't expect to learn about my own approach, and the areas I was stuck were not where I would've expected. I wouldn't have been able to identify them by myself, so Michelle was enormously helpful. I didn't have insight into how fixed my mindset was, or the extent to which I'd gotten stuck in negative thinking about my organisation...

The course has given me a lot more confidence, as somebody that supervises other staff. The strategies Michelle suggested, I've been able to directly put in place at work, and they have made a significant difference.”


Case Study

Senior Manager, Not-for-Profit

*not her real name

This course gave me so much clarity.

Sally is a senior manager in a large not-for-profit community organisation which helps thousands of clients each year.

Most of Sally’s management and leadership techniques were self-taught. She’d been feeling for a while that there was a gap in her knowledge. But she wasn’t sure what, and never had time to look around and figure it out. As she said:

“I’ve sat there before in work meetings feeling inadequate, thinking, ‘everyone knows what they’re talking about except me’. And I've done a couple of management and leadership courses, but they're very theoretical.”

Sally had been clashing with her boss and felt like her job was becoming untenable. Everything she suggested at work seemed to be shot down in flames. Making progress felt impossible. It wasn’t the first time she’d had problems with a boss, but she couldn’t figure out what contributed most to the issue: was it her skill set? Her personality? Or maybe she just didn’t fit the organisation’s culture any longer?

It got so bad that Sally considered leaving her role, but she was stuck thinking about what might come next. She was at a career crossroads. Sally enrolled in the Boss Better 4-Week Course feeling lost and hoping it would help her decide what to do.

“Taking the time out just to do the course really helped. I love the way Michelle unpacked the issues people were bringing up in very simplistic ways.”

The coaching calls, worksheets and tools are helping Sally gain the clarity she was looking for.

“I loved that there was such a broad scope of information, and the course far exceeded what I was looking to get. The tools Michelle shares are just amazing, and it’s been so beneficial using them to move forward.”

Sally’s using the course materials in her job, sharing tools and new insights to help others.

And to her surprise, she’s become really enthusiastic about making time to uncover issues which were holding her back. Instead of feeling stuck and unsure about her next steps, Sally now can’t wait to take her learning further and is looking forward to more Boss Better material in 2018.

“My time is limited but I still found I could fit the course into my schedule, and the time I spent on really immersing myself in the homework was so beneficial...

This course gave me so much clarity. I learned a lot about my own personality and how that impacts on who I am as a professional.”


The Boss Better 4-Week Course is brought to you by...

Me, Dr Michelle Pizer (pronounced Pie-zer).

For more than 30 years I've been helping people build their careers and bring their best selves to work.

I’ve got a PhD in organisational psychology and am also a counselling psychologist. My expertise and qualifications are an unusual combination, but a very handy one!

I’ve been running my own psychology and coaching practice since 2001, and before that I spent 15 years in the corporate world. First in marketing, then HR for National Mutual, then as a consultant with Ernst and Young, before leading people and departments for Roy Morgan Research and Museums Victoria.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing. I’ve had my own stumbling blocks and ‘stuck’ periods. And I’ve spent time (lots of it) wondering if I was in charge of my career or if it was in charge of me.

But I found a way to move forward and to thrive. I call it Boss Better, and I want to show it to you.

I’ve worked with clients from the top end of town:

And I’ve been seen in:

The Boss Better 4-Week Course is for you if...

You are ready to gain control over your career

You’re looking to build confidence in your leadership

You want to increase your impact and make a positive difference at work

You’re serious about growing and want a helping hand

Bossing Better isn't just about you being the boss
of other's about YOU!

It’s about taking charge of

...your own growth

...your own career

...your own life.

It’s about learning how to lead and motivate people in all parts of your career, whether they’re above, below or right next to you on the career ladder.


How the course works:

I’ll be your coach in all things Bossy for 4 weeks from November 14th 2017 to December 5th 2017.

4 Weekly Calls

Focus on one topic each week where I introduce you to the key concepts of Bossing Better. Plus there’ll be support materials where you can find out more and dig deeper.

You'll have the opportunity to ask your questions live, and to put your hand up for a deep dive into your leadership challenges.

Can’t make it to the weekly call? Things happen. That’s why every call will be recorded and available for you to download at your convenience.

Weekly Action Sheets

There'll be action sheets each week to support you as you build the foundation to being a better boss.

It takes reflection. It takes knowledge. It takes action.

I'll be with you each step of the way.

The Better Bosses Portal

The benefits of a live group program are…the group!

The Better Bosses Portal is your place to build networks, share your experiences and receive additional support and coaching in a secret Facebook group.

I’ll be in there daily to answer your questions and provide support.

What the course will deliver:

Boss Better gives you the tools to make change, but it’s more than that.

You’ll also gain the confidence and skills to use those tools in YOUR situation.

Week 1: Know Yourself

You can’t make lasting change if you don’t know where you are right now. We start with your leadership mindset and how to build the confidence and courage to show up as the leader you want to be.

Week 1 includes:

1. Getting to know your different mindsets and which ones serve you best at work
2. Common leaderships myths: don’t get sucked in
3. Self-doubt: is it valid or just the impostor phenomenon?

You’ll set your leadership mindset, assess where you are now and start your plan.

Week 2: Grow Yourself

It may be true that there's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You’ll have support and accountability to keep you on track.

Week 2 is all about creating plans and purpose for you and your career. It includes:

1. Why you want to intentionally plan your career so it doesn’t just happen
2. How to plan your career next steps and stay in control
3. Which skills you need to develop so you can grow into a better leader

You’ll develop your best strategy, identify the skills to build on and start to Boss Up your career plan.

Week 3: Know Others

We don’t do anything alone. We work with, through and for others. And that means dealing with emotions and other perspectives, not just job roles. If you want to Boss Better, being able to read and get along with others is non-negotiable. The more senior you get, the more critical these skills are.

Week 3 includes:

1. The 6 steps to empathy
2. How to have meaningful conversations which get to the heart of the matter (and don’t get people offside!)
3. How to tell a friend from a foe and be politically astute in the workplace

You’ll learn how to build meaningful connections, grow your empathy, understand emotional needs at work and how to manage them.

Week 4: Make a Difference

If you want to Boss Better, you must step up into and embrace your own authority. It's not that easy, but you CAN learn it. And when you do, watch your confidence and career soar!

There are smart ways to make a difference to others, your organisation and yourself. And they don’t mean you have to turn into a slimy sleaze ball, either.

This week includes:

1. The hallmarks of a good boss relationship
2. The three main types of authority
3. How to grow your own authority and make a bigger difference

You’ll learn how to manage up and grow your authority and influence.


FAQ’s about the Boss Better Course:

Can I enrol in the Boss Better 4 Week Course anytime?

No, enrolment closes at midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEST) (9am New York, 1pm London) on November 3rd 2017. It won’t be open again until next year.

How is the course delivered?

The Boss Better Course is delivered via live coaching calls over 4 weeks. You can call in from the comfort of wherever you happen to be. It includes online resources and action sheets to support the coaching. I’ll be there to guide you through it all.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

The action sheets, additional resources and bonus materials are yours forever. The recorded calls can be downloaded to keep too.

When are the calls?

The calls for the course will be held every Tuesday from 8-9:30am, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT). The first call is on Tuesday November 14th 2017.

What if I can’t make it to a scheduled call?

All the calls will be recorded and available to download. Even if you can’t make it to a call you’ll still be able to catch up.

Do I need to already be a boss?

Ideally. Still, the Boss Better Course is suitable for anyone who wants to invest in their professional growth, development and leadership.

Get the Boss Better 4-Week Course!

Classes start on Tuesday November 14th


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Early Bird Special until November 1

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Price increases to AUD$797 after midnight November 1 (AEDT)


Bonus 1: Boss Up Your Career Plan - The Workbook

Your step-by-step guide: it’s time to get intentional about your career.

  • Get clear on your career vision
  • Work out your best next steps to put your career plan into action
  • Figure out where you might be stuck and how to get unstuck

Value: $397

Bonus 2: The 360 Feedback Project

Conduct your own 360° review and discover how others see you.

  • Close the gap on your blind spots
  • More insight = smarter decisions
  • It’s fast, easy and surprisingly fun

Value: $147

Bonus 3: The Quarterly Career Planner Tracker

It's not about set and forget!

  • Keep your growth on track quarter after quarter
  • Review your progress, celebrate and reassess with this handy one-sheet tool
  • A simple snapshot of where you’ve come from and what’s next

Value: $195

Bonus 4: Your Boss Better Booster Call

Imagine feeling great about your leadership, sharing good news with your boss and having a plan for getting ahead.

  • Round out the course with your 1-1 coaching call
  • 50 strategic minutes focussed on you, your leadership and your career
  • Finish strong, with a plan for your next best steps

Personal, Private and Powerful. Value: $795

Total Bonuses: $1,534

They're yours free when you register for the Boss Better 4-Week Course now.


Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident that if you do the work, you’ll get great benefit from the Boss Better Course.

And I’m happy to back that up with my risk-free money back guarantee.

If you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, send me an email by November 27th for a swift and full refund.