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This white paper is ideal for executives, senior leaders, middle managers and individual contributors who want to elevate their influence, insight, and gravitas in the next 12 months and bring more humanity to their leadership.

This white paper is ideal for CEOs of small-medium sized consulting firms who want to take better care of their employees' wellbeing.


What's executive presence? That's what I wanted to know. So I wrote this eBook, at first for me, and now for you. Get more gravitas. Learn how to improve your presence, and use the checklist to work out what to focus on first.

If you've got tricky people problems, this one's for you. It's based on an eight-part framework I developed during my PhD. I found it so helpful in my own leadership roles that I wanted to share it.

Are you underpaid? This eBook's for you. The gender pay gap may be an inconvenient truth. But, no matter your gender, it still pays to learn how to warm up your boss, prepare for the negotiation, and better manage the process. Because you're worth it!

Online Courses

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials is your online leadership compass. It’ll guide your leadership in the right direction as you grow yourself and take others with you.

Join thousands of people, from over 100 countries worldwide, who became better leaders and supercharged their career with the Lessons in Leadership audio series.

The Attuned Leader

Access Michelle’s attuned leadership insights for better connections at work.

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